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Hi I have been told that I should write something else for you but I don’t know what to write so I am just going to put anything down that’s in my head so here I go. Leaning against the doorway looking outside, I am watching the rain fall from the angry grey clouds...

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My Life

My life was very much dominated by frustration; having to face each day as half the person I once was. I was not able to be independent as I had lost my driving licence for a year. I relied on public transport, but to make it worse I was unable to give the bus driver...

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Love Dove

This is the most moving thing that has happened to me for a long time.  Last night when I was leaving our local dairy, and as I was opening the car door I felt a brushing up against my back. I was bending down to get into the car when suddenly I felt a movement on my...

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Bright Morning Sounds

I opened the window and could hear the birds singing in the trees, whistling their soft melodies as they echoed through the valley. There was then an orchestra of different birds gently singing in the soft breeze. It was very soothing, and relaxed me as I continued...

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My childhood house

I remember my old house when I was a child, with our long driveway up to the house with grass on either side of you. Try not to go on the grass or you will get stuck or muddy. I remember when I came home from school and I was sometimes barefoot and I use to walk on...

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