My life was very much dominated by frustration; having to face each day as half the person I once was.

I was not able to be independent as I had lost my driving licence for a year. I relied on public transport, but to make it worse I was unable to give the bus driver the correct change.

Spelling was a real battle, and extremely frustrating.

I was told regarding my recovery, that I would be lucky to get back to 100% after two years!

As I am writing this my anger levels are reaching boiling point, as my spelling is by no means back to what it was and perhaps never will reach my expectations.

I am returning to the present for a moment. IMG_0882 (1)

It is a Saturday, the 6th June nearly 2 years since my fall. I am downstairs in my favorite bedroom. I can see Little Barrier and the Coromandel with ocean views for miles, as far as the naked eye can see. Views like this make me realise how much I used to take every day for granted and how close I came to losing everything – my life.

~ Sue Barrett


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