This is the most moving thing that has happened to me for a long time.  Last night when I was leaving our local dairy, and as I was opening the car door I felt a brushing up against my back. I was bending down to get into the car when suddenly I felt a movement on my shoulders and on my back. It felt like a gentle massaging. I didn’t really take any notice initially and brushed my back with my hand. When it continued I thought someone was touching me. I turned abruptly but as I did the feeling was on the top of my head.

I then brushed my head and saw that it was a white dove standing on the top of my head.  It then climbed onto my shoulder then into my car.  I was really surprised and wondered what I was going to do next. I thought that I had better try to get it out but that was to no avail, I was getting frustrated, by this time it was back on my shoulder again.  I had no other alternative but to take it home with me because it then jumped into my car.

I started up my car and reversed out with the dove on my shoulder and feeling quite embarrassed about it but drove down the road to my house with it on my shoulder, drove into my driveway tooting my car horn very loudly to any one of my family to come to my aid. To cut a long story short it slept in my car all night.

It was cooing in my car very early in the morning about 3am. I thought that was very strange for it to be up that early so I shouted to it to shut up.  I remembered this man who has white doves and he lives in Seaview Road so later in the morning I rang him he told me he would send a friend to get the dove because it could be one of his.

When I woke later that morning I went out to help it get primed to fly home. I first fed it some wild bird seed which I have for my wild grey doves and gave it some water. The dove, fluttered its wings and stretched its legs, then finally got out of my car took a while to find it’s bearings flew up into the air, then onto the power lines and off he went. Shortly after, it returned. I gave it a talking to, told it to go home blessed it and off it flew again, and this time it went.  I rang the guy to tell him it’s on its way home.  He told me it was just bringing me a love message.  To say my husband who died eight years ago this July, is well and you get on with it. So I’m calling this story The Love Dove.

Hoki Taylor

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