Women’s Street Smart Self Defence

A one day workshop 

Saturday: DATE to be announced

10.30am – 4.30pm

The Women’s Street Smart Self-Defence workshop is probably the most intense, comprehensive, enjoyable & hands-on women’s self-defence syllabus in New Zealand.


Course Details

This workshop is rated R13 and above – so only those aged 13 and above can attend due to the content taught.
So what sort of things can you expect to learn at this workshop?

You learn the vital parts of the body – parts of the body that are vulnerable & easy to attack.
Learn how to defend yourself against slaps, punches, pushes & grabs.
Learn to defend yourself against clothing grabs, choke holds, wrist locks & hair grabs.
Learn how to defend yourself on the ground.
Learn how to use your hands, legs, knees & elbows as weapons.
Plus lots, lots more. (depending on the time allowed & participants progression)
What we teach is how to deal with the worst-case scenario, when the awareness, avoidance and de-escalation have failed, it all turns physical, there’s no obvious way to escape & you have to fight back.
This is the eleventh year that we’ve been running workshops for the community, all you need to take with you is a positive attitude, comfortable clothing, a drinks bottle & towel plus something to eat during the breaks. Please note that the workshop takes people out of their comfort zone & can be both physically & mentally demanding at times, if unsure seek your doctor’s advice before undertaking any form of physical training or have a word with the instructor.


The Learning Centre, Artworks
2 Korora Road
Waiheke Island
Auckland 1081
map >
Phone: 09 372 9868



Charlie Riley Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat


“…a massive shout out to Charlie Riley from Safe Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat for all the amazing work they do. Charlie, you are a champion among champions. Thank you. Ladies, if you loved #reebokunleashed or if you missed out, please check out Charlie and find a course near you.”
Zoe Bell – Hollywood Stunt Woman, Actress & Producer

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