Wake Up, Show Up – Wellbeing for Men with Mo Nathan

A six week course 

Tuesdays 6.30pm – 8.30pm

A research and evidence-based wellbeing course for men.

The start date for this course has been postponed, new dates to be confirmed.

Please contact us to register your interest for this course

Course Details

The course covers the main pillars of a man’s healthy and balanced life. It invites men to reflect and become aware of parts in their lives where they can thrive and excel rather than just survive.

We look at men’s physical and mental health and learn tested skills and strategies that will result in greater clarity, meaning, and purpose in life, both professionally and personally.

The content of the course is based on the latest findings in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, authentic relating and nonviolent communication.

The programme introduces a variety of practices that individuals can incorporate in their daily lives depending on what they are drawn to and find the most useful. Via open discussions and interactive exercises, participants will learn about ‘how we are wired’, what the challenges are that commonly put our systems into a stress state and how to effectively navigate out of the stress response to find a sense of joy, focus, connection, and creativity in all areas of our lives.

The course will include effective evidence-based life practices that will propel men to move forward in any chosen life areas. The Wake Up, Show Up programme recognises we are all at different stages in our wellbeing journey and aims to maximise our wellbeing in our lives regardless of our circumstances and life stage.


The Learning Centre, Artworks
2 Korora Road
Waiheke Island
Auckland 1081
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Phone: 09 372 9868



Mo Nathan is a registered counsellor living on Waiheke Island and a father of three teenagers. He works as a family harm  specialist at Te Arai Roa Manaaki (formerly Living Without Violence), offering individual and couples therapy. He also facilitates nonviolence and wellbeing programmes for men. He has been taking part in Men’s work and leadership programmes for men since 2009.

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