Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique with Lauren Colace


A 4 week course, once a week
Wednesdays 31 July – 3 September 2019
5.30pm – 7pm

Life throws us many challenges.
Learning to react to these challenges without losing our balance is one of the cornerstones of Alexander work.
It is an essential tool for living.


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Course Details

This 6 week course is an introduction to the theory and practice of the The Alexander Technique, aimed at growing your awareness and understanding of how to use your body in the way it was designed to work, free from tension and stress.
Learn how to recognise and change behaviour patterns to reduce body tension and make a difference to everyday actions.

Working with the Alexander Technique will enable you to peel off those layers of tension that have become unconscious habit. The result is a sense of freedom and ease in your own body and the way it moves.

It is a lot more than posture. On one level it is about coordination and moving with less wear and tear on your back and joints. And at a deeper level it is about connecting your whole self – mind, body and emotions.


The Learning Centre, Artworks
2 Korora Road
Waiheke Island
Auckland 1081
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Phone: 09 372 9868




I trained in the UK under Danny McGowan, qualifying as a full teaching member of STAT in 2015. Since then I have taught individuals and groups in the UK, Italy and New Zealand.

I take continuing professional development seriously, keeping abreast of trends in neuroscience and medical research. I have also studied body mapping with US teacher Robyn Avalon.

I first came across the Alexander Technique when I was a student at Cambridge University and took lessons. They helped me not to hunch over my books. They also made me feel as if I was walking on air.

After living in the UK, Germany and most recently Calabria in southern Italy, I now live on Waiheke Island with my partner and three children.

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