Mahi Toa

Is Mahi Toa for me?

Mahi Toa is targeted to men who are preparing to enter the workforce, preparing for a new job or preparing to re-enter the workforce.  We want to help you get a job and achieve your goals.

What is involved?

Mahi Toa includes three kete (learning kits) which will be delivered to your home at regular intervals throughout the 12-month duration.  Each kete includes all the learning material you will need like DVDs, CDs, magazines, booklets and the assessment material.

A special feature of the programme is the mentoring DVDs featuring New Zealand personalities such as Bentham Ohia, Temuera Morrison, The Mad Butcher, Tiki Taane, Paul Henare, Simon Gault, Nathan Fa’avae and many others.

Home based learning requires commitment and self-discipline.  You will need to put time aside each week to complete the assessment requirements of the programme. 

What support is offered?

You will be supported in your learning by a kaitiaki (support person) who will arrange to meet with you at least four times throughout the programme.  Your kaitiaki will encourage, guide and support you to complete the programme as well as mark your assessments. 

Who can enrol?

Mahi Toa is available to all New Zealand citizens and permanent residents aged 16 years and over who have no tertiary qualification. 

What will Mahi Toa do for me?

  • On completion of the programme, you will receive the National Certificate in Employment skills.
  • You will have more confidence in the workplace and to achieve your future goals
  • It allows you to learn at your own place and in your own time
  • Will provide you with all your learning materials
  • Will provide you with the learning support to help you complete the programme 

The history of Mahi Toa

Mahi Toa was established following the review of the successful Mahi Ora programme, which was launched in 2000.  It includes the same unique delivery style that earlier programmes have and which have made them successful.  The unique delivery method feature kaitiaki (support people) visiting with tauira (students) in their own homes.

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